We previously provided you with four of the most basic sales page elements that are used to grab attention and keep the reader hooked. This time we shift our focus on three vital components that help establish the credibility of the brand and the rapport with the audience. Again, these must all blend together well, complementing each other to promote a coherent message.


Provide a History of the Company and the Product


People like hearing stories, especially if they are inspirational or interesting. If these are told in an effective manner, then they could be fantastic tools in selling the product. The key is to make the product and the people behind it easily relatable. Make the readers connect emotionally with the brand and they will become loyal followers. This enhances their status from mere customers to extremely beneficial brand evangelists.


Use the stories to rally support among the readers. Everybody loves a good rag to riches story and tales of overcoming monumental odds on the way to success. They provide inspiration and motivation. They also build trust as the audience will feel like they are in good hands. Give them details that will make them see how much you know about the industry. Tell them your credentials. These will make them listened more attentively to what you have to say. They will also be more likely to purchase the product which you are trying to sell.


Be very careful about what you say, though. Do not embellish for the sake of making a story more thrilling for the readers. The truth has a way of surfacing and if your lies are found out, your business could be ruined. Reputation is one of the most cherished assets of any company or individual. Take good care of yours and you will have the potential for enduring success.


Double-check your facts to ensure that the copy is truthful to the best of your knowledge. Write in an engaging manner but have everything rooted in reality so as to maintain credibility.


Provide Irrefutable Proof


Back up everything you say with proof. With so many products out there, the competition is high and plenty of companies make false claims just to make a sale. People know this and are wary of fakes. Therefore, it would help if you could include laboratory studies and similar sorts of evidence that would erase all doubts from skeptics. These will allow people to lower their guard and shed their fears, increasing their chances of buying from you.


Aside from boosting sales, these proofs will serve to bolster your reputation in the industry. You will become highly regarded as an expert in your field by both consumers and other industry players because they understand that you went through all the necessary steps to get to where you are right now.


Apart from constantly showing what you have to offer, consider telling your readers what they risk losing on if they ignore your product today. This may be a promotional sale or a missed opportunity. Make it clear to them that the only logical conclusion is to purchase the product now to enjoy its benefits immediately. Thus, once they reach the end of the page, they will have no qualms about clicking the “Buy Now” button and completing the transaction.


Provide a Video that Connects with the Audience


Videos are incredibly powerful as they engage people better than most other media. Make a short video that summarizes the highlights of the page. Introduce the company, the product, and yourself if possible. There is nothing quite like seeing a face behind a product to humanize everything and take things to a more personal level. People trust other people, not objects. They will trust the product if they feel that they can trust you.


Be sure to have a professional supervising the production of the video. If you have some background in editing and camerawork, then it may be fine to go DIY. However, nothing beats the polished look of a professionally produced and edited video clip. It simply adds an air of sophistication to the sales page and allows you to target large businesses aside from individual customers.