Generating business from the Internet can be tough. From frustrating search policy updates that reduce your traffic to endless competitors seeking to knock you down from your throne, the amount of hurdles that the average online business is forced to deal with can seem incredible at first.


However, while the Internet certainly has its downsides for businesses, it offers a unique range of benefits. From quick lead generation to inexpensive marketing, a smart web strategy can earn your business new customers and lucrative contracts that just aren’t possible in the offline world.


If you’re looking to turbocharge your online marketing efforts and boost the level of business that your website generates, consider trying these three simple tactics:


  1. Put a phone number in your website’s header.


While most visitors are happy to search for your contact information, it’s far more convenient to offer it right away. Put your contact phone number in the header of your website to encourage visitors to call you, allowing you to explain your service and market to them over the phone.


  1. Use an action-oriented website design.


Those pretty websites you see technology companies and design studios using may look good, but they’re rarely as effective as they could be. Build your website with a potential customer in mind using action-oriented design. In some cases, this means building a website that’s ‘ugly’ in the eyes of a style-focused web designer.


  1. The more expensive your service is, the longer your copy should be.


This sounds silly, but it’s a proven trick for increasing sales. If you sell a product or service that’s expensive – home renovations or diamond rings, for example – it’s an excellent idea to write the longest sales copy you can fit on your page without losing the attention of your visitors.


Extend your service and sales pages to include as much information as you think your readers can handle. While it might look silly, forcing visitors to read a large amount of content increases their ‘bond’ with you and makes them feel far more trusting by the time they reach the end of the page.