Running a large SEO campaign is a lot like playing a game of chess: every move that you make has to be part of a larger strategy. From building strategic links to making your content as engaging and search-friendly as possible, developing an actionable and effective long-term SEO campaign takes a lot more than just hard work.


If you’re struggling to get your SEO campaigns off the ground, try applying one or all of these there simple tips to your campaign development process:


  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate.


Large parts of the SEO process are repetitive and somewhat mindless. From finding opportunities to score one-way links to thinking of topics for new content, not all of SEO requires immense brainpower.


If you’re struggling to take care of an entire project by yourself, consider delegating some of your work to other employees or partners. While it can be hard to let go of an important task, doing so will help you focus on the bigger picture.


  1. Have a grand strategy in mind.


Building links and adding keywords to your website will get you nowhere if you lack a grand, long-term strategy. Think of each element of your SEO campaign as just one block in a building’s foundation.


Without other blocks to surround it, a single block goes nowhere towards building anything of note. Divide your SEO campaign into small pieces and complete them as part of a grand, large-scale strategy.


  1. Be willing to make changes as your campaign develops.


SEO campaigns aren’t static – in fact, they’re very much the opposite. With the sites that you’re competing against changing on a frequent basis and the yardsticks of the competition constantly moving, SEO requires constant change and reevaluation.


Break your SEO campaigns down into small pieces, each a few days of weeks long, and be prepared to alter their order or content if you need to. Great SEOs adapt to the environment around them, instead of making a futile effort to control it.