You’ve built a website, optimized it for search, and started to see some traffic and leads coming in. Congratulations – you’re an SEO success. While it can be tempting to grow complacent with a low level of SEO success, smart marketers scale up their SEO efforts to generate even more traffic and capture as much business as possible.


Want to expand your SEO empire and develop new business, attract new customers, and build a lasting online presence? Try one of these three strategies:


  1. Increase your rankings to generate more traffic.


Any Adwords advertiser knows that the higher you’re ranked on the page, the more clicks you’ll get from busy searchers. One of the easiest ways to increase the amount of traffic that your website generates is to improve its position in the search engine results pages through link building, content generation, and long-term SEO.


  1. Expand horizontally to cover more search keywords.


It’s one thing to move up the rankings, and another altogether to move sideways to cover as many keywords as possible. Expanding horizontally is a great way to take control of an entire market using search. Create inner pages for your website with specific keyword targets to capture as many long-tail keywords as you can manage.


  1. Increase your search CTR and conversion rate.


Did you know that you can generate more search traffic by improving your title and page description? Users read the search results before they click, and being number one isn’t always as vital as being the most descriptive. Test different page titles to get the highest possible number of searchers to click through to your website.