They’re every SEOs goal: more, and higher quality backlinks. While on-site content might bring our websites to the attention of the search engines, it’s links that truly guarantee us the top spot.


Because of this, every SEO in the world has their own special strategy for building high quality, non-spammy links. After all, they’re the foundation of SEO – who can live without them when the opportunity to rank number one is at stake?


If you’re struggling to build links using the traditional methods, try these five easy link building strategies on for size.


  1. Guest Post


One of the best ways to build links is to write posts on other bloggers’ blogs. A short, sweet, 500-word blog post on a familiar topic is often all it takes to build a powerful inbound link to your website.


  1. Comment


Get social! While blog comments have been used and abused by SEOs before, a truly useful blog comment can be great for two reasons. First, it alerts reader to your new website, and second, it generates a valuable inbound link (just without a keyword.)


  1. Build Something


Want other people to build links for you? Create something useful that other people will want to link to? Many of the most linked-to pages on the Internet contain basic, effective tools that are useful for a particular audience.


  1. Write Something


Write a blog post, an editorial, or an article that people want to read. Some of the top social websites routinely link to content that’s written by amateurs, making it easy for anyone to reach the eyes – and the links – of the world.


  1. Talk to Webmasters


Websites aren’t designed by robots. Behind every online creation, there’s a face and a brain waiting to meet new people. If you’re in a city with lots of webmasters, try to meet some of your counterparts to discuss reciprocal linking arrangements.