In this short clip, someone asks whether Google Search prefers websites laid out with CSS to those that use old-fashioned HTML tables. This is a long-standing issue that has sparked many debates within SEO circles. Software Engineer Matt Cutts finally gives a definitive answer and clarifies how the search engine truly handles this technical matter.

Google does not discriminate between the two methods. He says that it is not important if a site uses CSS or tables as layout mechanism because scoring is based on other factors (such as the quality of content). He encourages people to use what works best for them and what they are trying to achieve.

Matt does acknowledge that CSS has grown in popularity in the web design community due to its flexibility and modularity. Sites using it tend to be easier to tweak on the fly so designers can work more efficiently. On the other hand, table-based sites can get unwieldy especially for those with a large number of pages. Still, strictly in terms of SEO, Google remains neutral. People are free to choose between the two methods as they deem fit without fear of search engine penalty.

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