One overlooked aspect of Pinterest is using videos, especially when it comes to promoting your business online. Think about it. YouTube generates the second highest amount of traffic (after Google), so why not take advantage of this?

There are certain ways you can use videos to your advantage on Pinterest. You want to make use of your thumbnails. Try to have a video image on your thumbnail that looks sharp. If it looks more like an image versus a still frame, the chances of it being re-pinned are higher!

Choose your image carefully and make it reflect the video and your company image. It may help to offset the background to make it look sharper. Use the highest resolution you can as that will create a great looking thumbnail.

When building video boards, it is a good idea to have several of them, and not just one huge board where you lump all your videos together.  Create video boards the same way you did with your regular boards. You can even label and name them the same and just add the word ‘video’ to the end.

You may want to use your own videos on your board and then add in some similar videos from others that help reinforce your message. What you are essentially doing is curating your videos! Even though the average user stays on Pinterest longer than other social sites, you still want your videos to be short whenever possible. Of course, some videos that are related to DIY projects will be longer than others. Include the length of the video in the description field because short videos will entice more people to view what you have.

When making a video specifically for Pinterest, don’t forget to tell people to Pin the video. This is a call to action and tells the viewer what to do next.

Always fill in the description field on your video.  It is there for a reason so make use of it! Another great idea is to re-pin other people’s videos and then let the other person know that you added it to your Video Board by leaving them a comment.

Whether it is an image or video, re-pinning is one of the ‘best practices’ you can do for your business. Sharing content is what this site is all about and by sharing, you will undoubtedly get more followers. Pinterest is not an account where you can create a million followers in one day. It is a place to build a reputation by sharing and the followers will come.