In this video a viewer has sent in a question about the proper method for attributing text to a logo on a web page. The viewer wants to know whether it would be better to use an “ALT” attribute in the image’s HTML tag or instead to include the logo’s text by using CSS to hide it on the page. The question is in regards to the page’s SEO, or search engine optimization. Because search engines cannot read text in images, in order for a search engine to understand what the logo represents, the text must be on the page in some way.

The Google expert in this video answers the viewer’s question by saying the ALT attribute is the vastly preferred method of getting the text on the page. It is far simpler to include the textual information for the logo with this attribute, rather than going the roundabout way of including CSS to hide the text. With the ALT attribute of the image tag, the text is naturally hidden from viewers unless they mouse over the image. Search engines can read the text of the ALT attribute in order to determine the purpose of the image on the page.


Should I include my logo text using ‘alt’ or CSS? –