There are some businesses that have an advantage on Pinterest for sure. These would include any type of business that uses images, graphics, screenshots or videos to enhance their business.

If your business can be showcased with images, then using Pinterest can be a smart business move.  But remember you must own the rights to any content that you pin on Pinterest.

If your sole reason for using Pinterest is for business, then claim your product or business name as your username. Currently your username is limited to 15 characters. Whether or not you intend on using this name, you should grab it to prevent anyone else from claiming it. If you ever decide to sell your business, you have an account associated with your business name.

To really take advantage of Pinterest, set up your blog or website with lots of images and videos. Plus, don’t forget to add the ‘Pin It’ badge to your site. Make the badge or button easy to find and if possible set it up to display after each post.  By letting people know that you are using Pinterest, they are more likely to share your images.

Make sure your current customers or clients know you are now using Pinterest. This can be done very easily by connecting your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  On Facebook, your Pinterest activity will display on your Timeline.  Integrating across the board makes sharing easy for everyone. No more logging in to separate accounts every time someone wants to share or re-pin an image.

If graphics is your business, then you should seriously consider adding infographics to your Pinterest boards. These infographics can have detailed instructions in them, showing a person how to perform a step-by-step process. At the end of the infographic, simply add your website address. What better form of advertising could you ask for?

If you do a search on Pinterest, you will see plenty of these types of images on various boards. You can create infographics with questions, as well as tips, for your business.  As we mentioned before, letting your creative flair shine is going to take you to the top with Pinterest. People love pictures/sharing, and what better way than to combine the two?

If your business doesn’t use much in the way of images or graphics yet, see if there is a way you could start incorporating some. The results could be amazing and help take your business to the next level.