Many webmasters and SEOs are disheartened by the seemingly limited access that they have to publishing and PR. With many content-driven websites increasing the requirements for guest content, building high quality links is getting harder every day.


While it might seem difficult to get blog posts and feature articles published on ‘big sites’ – the big publishers, blogs, and magazines – it’s really quite simple. What most websites, and particularly SEOs, miss is the importance of building a brand that can signal to publishers and blogger that your work is high quality and reliable.


If you’re a business, it’s imperative that you present a professional, ‘big company’ image. This will make bloggers take notice of you, and publishers take you more seriously. Start by building a website that doesn’t scream ‘small business’ – a logo, unique page design, and ‘big brand’ feel are all part of making this a reality.


Then, add the indicators of legitimacy to your website. If you don’t currently have a phone number listed, add one! If you don’t have a Google Maps placement, add one. If you don’t have staff profiles, testimonials, or press feedback, spend some time on developing these indicators of legitimacy.


The key to generating high quality links is making your website – and your business – look like something that already attracts attention. Bloggers and journalists love to write about something that’s hot, and making your website seem hot is often enough to get your foot in the door for high-value publishing opportunities.


Adding a ‘footprint’ – that is, contact details and a professional image – will help you avoid missing out on guest posting and PR opportunities. Often, an hour of branding will pay itself back in thousands of dollars worth of free PR and high-value links.