Brett from Michigan wants to clarify two things regarding “dofollow” links. The first is whether having them on a blog will create any negative implications in terms of SEO. The second is whether leaving comments on a dofollow blog will do more harm than good.


          According to Matt Cutts, dofollow links can potentially have unwanted side effects on a site. Spammers seek out blogs which have them for link-building purposes, and this means that the administrators should guard the comments section vigilantly. If they do not, then the spam comments will accumulate quite quickly and turn off visitors. Sites thaaat don’t check the quality of their outbound links can get a bad reputation. Regular pruning is advised.


          As for leaving comments on a dofollow blog, the answer is a little more complicated. Google is careful about penalizing this type of activity since anyone can link to a site without the owner’s knowledge. Yet while there might not be any penalties involved, there is also very little to gain from link-building in this manner. The large number of spammers trying to plunder link juice from dofollow blogs means that everyone comes away with only a few drops for the effort.