This video from Google Webmaster Tools addresses the question of publishing a large volume of blog content at once for one particular section of a website. The 100 pages of content is the volume in question related to the webmaster that sent in this question. Matt answers that it would be fine to release all 100 pages at once as long as they all contained high quality content. The quality is the key factor when it comes to ranking well in Google’s search results, and this rule holds true for any number of web pages or blog posts to be published.

Very large volumes of web content, such as 10,000+ pages, would warrant a bit more caution and consideration on the part of the webmaster. Publishing such a large amount of content would not automatically result in a penalty, but it may cause Google to take a closer look to ensure the content is not auto-generated and poor quality.The likelihood increases with sites that publish very high numbers of pages in a very short amount of time.


Creating site content organically and releasing it one page at a time is another recommended option if it improves the quality of each page’s content.