A webmaster from the US wanted to know if there was any way to take advantage of the content others scrapped from his site. This is a widespread problem due to the ease of copying text and images on the Internet. Since it’s almost impossible to prevent, site owners might as well exploit it if there was a way to do so. Matt Cutts shares some of his ideas.

Matt says that the benefit is automatic if the scraped article contains a link to another page on the original site. For instance, this could be a blog post referencing an older entry. The more scrapers, the more links. The net result is a higher ranking. Despite this potential gain, most people are simply annoyed at scrappers and fear that these sites might edge them on the search results page using stolen content. Matt doesn’t worry about this as he is confident that the algorithm can make just decisions when faced with duplicate text.

In the event that scrapers appear to be ranking higher than the source, webmasters can file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request in order to take the page down. For low-ranking spammers with gibberish content, people may opt to do a spam on report and let Google handle the situation.

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