From negative reviews to seedy social media discussions, having your brand show up in Google’s search results isn’t always good. Your online reputation counts for a lot, and ensuring that it remains clean is an important aspect of online marketing.


Because of this, your business should set aside a small budget for fighting online conjecture and needless negative feedback. Apple these three simple reputation management tips to reduce the effects of controversy without spending too much.


  1. 1. Create a company Twitter account


Twitter is one of the most effective online outlets for businesses looking to create a powerful, effective brand. It’s also a service that’s remarkably well optimized for the search engines, with even small accounts ranking for brand name search terms.


If you want to establish your company as the ‘owner’ of its search results page, use a branded Twitter account to make your mark. Twitter accounts rank rapidly, making them the ideal choice for pushing down undesirable search engine results.


  1. 2. Build a LinkedIn page for simple SEO


LinkedIn is a valuable online asset, particularly for business-to-business marketing and lead generation. It’s also a great tool for ‘owning’ your search results. Build out your company’s LinkedIn page to link to employee profiles and group discussions.


An optimized LinkedIn page can improve your company’s search engine visibility, bring in valuable new B2B leads, and give you an extra asset for simple reputation management.


  1. 3. Develop inner pages for deep SEO results


Have you ever noticed that some websites have multiple pages ranked for the same search terms? This is particularly common for brand name searches, where a brand may occupy anywhere from two to five result slots for its own brand name.


The best way to truly conquer your search engine results is to build out a website that’s rich with deep content. Develop inner pages with high quality content that will rank for your brand name, ensuring that your business has ‘clean’ results.