Every business owner needs to understand this very simple formula. Transform your new customer into a repeat customer and keep your repeat customer coming back for more. This is the secret of business success. If you know this already, you are half way there already.

The best method of ensuring you get repeat customers is to treat them well. This refers to all your customers. Do not underestimate the small guy who places only small orders. He may place huge orders tomorrow. Better still, he may introduce you to another person who will place only huge orders with your firm. The point is that the customer is king so treat your customers like royalty and they will remain loyal to you. While you are at it, you can as well take the following steps.

Call your customers:

This is quite easy and it is very effective into the bargain. Make sure your customers leave their phone numbers with you. Call them once in a while and just tell them the truth. The truth in this case is to thank them for patronizing you and wish them well. This is a great move because it will make your customers feel valued.

Offer Discounts:

Customers love pleasant surprises so go ahead and surprise them once in a while. You may not be able to offer your customer much low prices than the competition but you can at least give them discounts. Give discounts to customers who are loyal to you and make it clear that this is a loyalty bonus. This will keep them coming back for more.

Follow up:

There are times your customer may request a product or service which you may not have at that particular time. If you promise to get this for them, make sure you fulfill your promise. Even if they have got the product or service from elsewhere, follow up. Inform them you have the product or service now and that you will gladly offer this next time they need it.

Send cards:

Customers love attention and recognition. Send them cards at Christmas, Valentine and other festivities. This will make them feel loved and treasured. If you have some of their personal information, send birthday cards and wedding anniversary cards too.

Finally, offer great service. Be polite and communicate with the customers regularly. This is the secret of ensuring you get repeat customers for life.