As with anything new, it is easy to create a Pinterest account and pin your favorite images. But then, the novelty wears off and you start to wonder what you can pin next! Well, here are some places you can look to find some ideas of where to find content and what to pin.

Basically your Pinterest account is a showcase for your personality and your business. You want to create a friendly, approachable and sociable image. Always keep this in mind when looking for content to pin, and you will be fine. 
Find content to Pin by looking for things that cover your hobbies and interests. You can add pictures of athletes and your favorite exercise routines. If you are losing weight, post photos of the types of foods you eat.

If you read a good book or article, why not pin an image relating to that? All you need do is add a short description and you are done.

Other ideas of what to pin include any items that you are thinking about purchasing. Do you need a new gas grill or patio set? Pin some images and ask others for their opinions and suggestions on what they would buy.

If you truly run out of ideas for what to pin just spend a few minutes repining other images that catch your eye.

Music is another great thing you can re-pin.  Just find videos of your favorite songs and post them to your board. You could even find the lyrics and add them to the post as well. (You may have to do a screenshot to save them as an image, but that’s really easy to do.)

Look in your newspaper each day for additional topics to pin. When you send a Tweet, see if there isn’t an image you could pin to go along with it. Recipes are another great item for content, together with photos of what you have cooked. If you don’t want to take the photos yourself, then use free image sites to find suitable pictures.

By just looking at the Pinterest main page, you can get lots of ideas of what to pin to your own account. In addition to adding new content, always remember to share some content regularly and leave a few great comments.  By doing this your boards will be full of useful content that others are more than happy to share.