Millions of people use Gmail on a daily basis but only a few are able to maximize it to its full potential. For this edition of “Hidden Gems”, Matt Cutts shows how to tweak some things under the hood to enhance user experience. He goes through each tab in the Gmail settings and discusses the items listed, sharing his personal preferences for these as well as his reasons.

Some of the things are pretty simple like specifying maximum page size, selecting a theme, enabling emoticons, showing snippets for preview, creating a vacation responder, and setting the connection to HTTPS. The latter is excellent for maintaining privacy as interested parties will not be able to snoop on the account. Others are a bit more advanced such as importing mail and contacts, organizing items through labels, creating filters, and playing with POP/IMAP settings.

Matt highly recommends the use of keyboard shortcuts in Gmail to boost productivity. Pressing on “?” will bring up a list of these shortcuts for quick reference. They are grouped according to function: Compose and Chat, Formatting, Jumping, Navigation, Actions, Threadlist Selection, and Application. Once these have been mastered, email processing will become much more efficient.

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