This installment of “Hidden Gems” is all about City Tours, another promising project from the Google Labs. This application helps people make the most out of their vacations in the great cities of the world. Matt Cutts shows us how it works with some specific examples in the video.

The interface is similar to Google Maps. Users just need to type the city name on the search bar and hit enter. A panel on the left side will be populated with all of the major attractions within its borders. The app can then create an itinerary for a walking tour, incorporating these attractions along the route. For some mega cities like New York where there is so much to see, this itinerary could extend as long as 3 days.

City Tours is not exclusive to famous places. The app can also work for lesser known cities like Cleveland and the like. Those who are planning to go there for a weekend can use City Tours to plan side trips to a couple of interesting sites. Itineraries consider the opening and closing times so there should be no worries about getting to a place too late.

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