The primary goal of the Google image search is to organize the world’s images. The reason being is that whenever a user is searching for a particular image, Google wants to insure that their search result is relevant to their search query. It is Google’s belief that if the user has a positive search experience they will come back to and use their search engine again and again.

How It Works
Googles robot discovers your web page and gathers the code information. Once it has the information, it looks through the code for any images that are associated with the page. Once the images have been found they must be classified. The first steps of classifying the image is to determine what the picture is of e.g. is the image a face image, is it black and white, is it line art? That is all part of Google’s image classification process.

Google will then attempt to remove duplicate images, and determine which page should receive the credit for the image. The last part of this process is indexing the image. Just like Google’s regular search results they do not reveal exactly what needs to be done to reach a top rank. 
However, the key point that they will reveal is to create your content with the end user in mind. At the end of the day, it is all about the end user.


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