As part of the “Hidden Gem” series, Matt Cutts talks about the nifty features of the Google Mobile App. He focuses on its vastly improved voice recognition module which generates accurate search results every time. He also shares some of the application’s secret functions and tells us how to gain access.

The Google Mobile App is available to iPhone and Android users as a free download. To activate voice recognition, simply press the microphone button at the upper left-hand corner or hold the phone next to the ear. State the desired search term, ensuring that phone is close enough to pick up the sound. The app will try to parse the keywords and present the most relevant results. Matt demonstrates the whole process through several real-time searches in which the app performed remarkably well.

During the last part of the video, Matt reveals an Easter egg surprise on the settings page. If users continue to flick up the page multiple times in quick succession, then they will unlock a section called Bells & Whistles. This area contains options to change theme color, notification sounds, live waveform, and link handling—just a few fun ways to jazz up the app and personalize its appearance and behavior.

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