YouTube may be a popular site with millions of views every day but it still has some “hidden gems” for us to explore. In this video, Matt Cutts shares three Google-owned channels with outstanding content that the technologically-inclined and naturally curious should rush to see.

1. Google Tech Talks: From time to time, Google invites speakers from the tech industry, academe, and beyond to discuss a wide range of topics that might interest the community. Previous subjects have included pornography on the Internet, the neuroscience of emotions, how to count human carbon emissions, XBOX 360 security weaknesses, and Inbox Zero.

2. Google I/O: Almost every session in this annual developer conference has been recorded and made available on the Internet. A quick web search will yield a site listing all of the topics discussed at the sessions with links to the YouTube videos, most of which are found on the Google Developers channel.

3. YouTube Reporters’ Center: This channel is a fantastic resource for people who are aspiring to become citizen reporters or even professional journalists. Here, seasoned correspondents talk about various facets of their jobs and provide tips on how to deliver the news.

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