Believe it or not, the end goal for most SEOs isn’t just top rankings. While most of us would be happy with a well-ranked website, the end goal of SEO isn’t just rankings, but sustainability. This means a well-ranked resource that attracts natural links.


In an industry renowned for its aggressive link building tactics and less well known for its focus on quality content, it’s easy to see why this concept sounds foreign. It’s no secret that most SEOs focus on links before content, and rankings before quality.


If you can reverse your priorities, however, you’ll gain one of the most valuable SEO assets imaginable: a website that attracts links and improves its own rankings, all on a passive, action-free schedule. In short, a passive, link building, SEO machine.


Sounds like a silly online sales page, doesn’t it? Unlike an piece of software, building something like this requires no technical knowledge. In fact, it doesn’t even require any advanced SEO skills, savvy online marketing abilities, or ‘web knowledge.’


All it takes is focus and ability. The focus to stick to a plan and execute it to the end, and the ability to write immensely compelling content that works like a magnet to attract users to your website. Before Google, it was the standard web formula.


To achieve the end game of SEO, you need to change your mindset. Instead of just focusing on building links and delivering content that’s ‘good enough,’ you need to forget that links even exist, spend more time on content, and try to help people.


In short, you should pretend it’s 1996. Pretend that Google doesn’t exist. Pretend that users willonly find your website through word of mouth. Act like search isn’t your top priority and you’ll quickly find yourself rewarded with natural links.