Ever since Google announced that load time would be taken into consideration in determining the quality of a web page the online community began debating over exactly how load time is determined.


The majority of individuals have been under the impression that load time was the amount of time it takes for the actual page to load. There is no way for the Google bot to determine how long it would take for a page to load on each individual computer. There are way too many variables and that would not be an efficient way to compute load times.

The method that Google uses to calculate load times is extremely simplistic. The Google bot sends out a request and calculates the time it takes for the request to come back. Site load time was taken into consideration as a means to help webmasters improve their visitors browsing experience.

As a search engine company Google’s primary goal is to generate the highest quality content that they can for their users. As a webmaster who is seeking to be listed in Google’s search results, you will need to share in that vision. Produce targeted high quality content, and a clean and visually appealing site that is easy for the end-user to navigate and you will do just fine.

Keep in mind that load time is just one of many variables that are taken into consideration when determining the quality of your site. For more information on other things that you can do to improve the quality of your site visit Google’s Webmaster Tools.