In this video, a representative from Google Webmaster Help explains that links are the key to getting a site or blog indexed quickly. The more links the same site has, the more useful Google considers it. It will subsequently rank higher in the search engine results pages. The video also mentions that Google comes back and crawls a new site for links and new, quality content on a regular basis.

Google can actually index a site in only a few seconds if the search engine detects that an authoritative site is linking to it. One example mentioned in the video is CNN linking to another, lesser-known site. That particular site will catch Google’s attention fairly quickly.

The video also mentions that the first helpful step with Google webmaster tools is to check for the number of links on any given day. Checking the sources of those links is also important because any website owner wants to build links from credible and reputable sources in the same general niche. Accelerating this process involves promotion by several possible methods, such as forum participation, social media and blog commenting with a link back to the webmaster’s own site.