Webmasters are constantly looking for ways to boost their site’s traffic. This often involves attempting to improve PageRank through links from well-known sites. Many view Facebook and Twitter as having great potential for this purpose but Mani from India is not all that sure. He wants to know how Google rates links coming from these social media platforms and Matt Cutts is on hand to give him some answers.

Matt says that Facebook and Twitter have no special status. Google treats all sites the same way whether they are blogs, wikis, social networks, community boards, corporate sites, and so on. Neither does it matter if they use .com, .edu, .gov, .org, or .info in their domain names. What determines authority is the number and quality of their inbound links. Those that get many links from reputable sources will enjoy high PageRank.

It should be noted that a many Facebook profiles are private and Googlebot will not be able to crawl these. In Twitter’s case, most links have been set to “nofollow” to discourage spamming; hence the platform provides little help for boosting web search rankings.
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