For years, Google has been providing lots of valuable content to help people use Webmaster Tools effectively. Their engineers create tutorials and answer questions covering a wide range of topics from the basic to the advanced.  Now the search giant is opening its doors to savvy webmasters and SEO experts who want to share their knowledge to the community. In this clip, Michael from the Webmaster Central YouTube channel invites interested parties to send in their best instructional videos. Outstanding entries may be featured in the official blog or even be embedded in the Help Center.

Many webmasters are already creating this type of content and sharing them on their own blogs and in IT conferences. Google’s offer provides a chance to be seen by a wider audience, build a great reputation, and showcase innovative techniques that no one has ever seen before. To increase the probability of inclusion, the videos submitted must be concise and focused on a specific topic. They do not have to be recorded using HD cameras as screencasts are perfectly acceptable. The important thing is to ensure visual and audio clarity. Viewers must be able to see the video and listen to the instructions without difficulty.

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