In this video, JZ from Ohio asks how much weight the length of time your domain has been registered has on your search engine rankings. Matt Cutts, who works as a software engineer for Google responds by saying website owners don’t need to worry about the age of their domain name and that domain name age doesn’t currently affect rankings.


A domain is the address and name of your site, just as is for Google. Most people and companies register domain names for several years although it is possible to register a domain for less time like a year. According to Cutts, some information has been circulating on the web stating that your site can get a boost in rankings if your domain has been registered for three years or more.

Cutts says that Google did file a patent to use a website’s historical date in its attempt to rank websites, so, in theory, it could use domain age to affect ratings, but it doesn’t do that now. He emphasizes having high quality content and says that having a high-quality site will do the most for your rankings.