By hiding text from any readers of your webpage, you are being sneaky and possibly deceptive towards your users. This can lead to your website being penalized. If you have good text, there is no reason why you should not display it for all to see. Remember, you do not want to do things that run counter to what your users are looking for from your site. There are better, more honest ways to have your web page ranked high on search engine results. If you are in doubt about a certain coding technique, it is best to avoid it altogether.

As you do not want to be penalized, make sure that you are clear in any text that you feature on your web page. Make it visible to your users to avoid potential problems. The Google IT team is on the lookout for this type of technique, which will appear quite obvious. If you must go about hiding text, make sure you are not doing so to deceive users and increase your rank results. Avoiding this will create a more pleasant experience for you, your user, and the IT professionals who are monitoring your website.