In the video below you will see Peter Linsley’s presentation on Google Image Search. 

Google Images is the most comprehensive image search on the web, allowing users to browse pictures from across the Internet, using normal text queries. They can also refine their searches by using filters, so for instance looking for pictures of faces, or only searching for photographs. Several results are displayed on the page at one time, so that the user can choose the ones that attract them the most.

Peter Linsley’s presentation gives a lot of useful information for webmasters about Google Image searches, and how to use them to attract users to individual websites. He starts by explaining how image searches differ from ordinary searches, one of the most obvious being that the user can see many pictures on the page at the same time. In most cases this means there is not the same advantage to being highly ranked as there is with more conventional searching.

He goes on to talk about the ways in which Google obtains and organizes the information about images on the web, and how it uses that information to provide the best and most relevant experience for the end user. He also mentions some of the common issues that webmasters have raised with him and points them towards Google’s forums and other resources. For anyone who is trying to attract users to their website through images, this video has lots of helpful information.