Increasing site visitors is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to have enduring success, then you should think about the ways in which you can develop a loyal following. This means exerting beyond the usual effort and using creative strategies to keep people coming back for more. It is something that takes a lot of patience as results often come slowly but once the project gets traction, things can get busy very quickly. Here are a few tips on how to get there:


Create Addictive Content


     The best way to get people to visit the site again and again is to provide them with fresh, useful, and interesting content on a regular basis. Don’t just copy off of other sites unless you plan on adding something extra like a personal commentary. Make your posts unique and engaging so that readers will look forward to more of what you have to offer and possibly share them with their friends as well. Don’t publish an article just to satisfy a weekly quota as many bloggers do. Aim to make an impact every time. If things are getting stale and falling into a pattern, shake it up and do something you’ve never done before. Don’t be afraid to push the limits or to generate controversy.


     Ensure that every post is well-researched. You can use third-party case studies as basis for articles to give them weight or conduct your own research and publish your results on your blog. The latter is usually more interesting for readers as they get a rare first-hand account. They especially like it when you make yourself accessible to them and answer their questions promptly. Foster this kind of regular interaction to make them feel a strong connection with the blog.


     You can also add infographics every once in a while to spice up the content. This can be time-consuming at first but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. Interviews with influential personalities in the industry can draw a lot of people, as well as reviews of the latest products or books related to the niche. When writing these posts, make them come alive by injecting a little bit of your personality and humor.


Cast a Wide Net


    Launch a promotional blitzkrieg on as many platforms as possible. Try to reach out to your target audience by going to the sites they frequent and leaving a link they can follow. Some of the best things to try are:


     Social Networks — Apart from the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter, try to promote your blog on sites like Google+, LinkedIn,   Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks both local and global. Good content can spread like wildfire when they go social thanks to the power of instant sharing.


     Online Bookmarking Sites — Another way to get lots of traffic flowing quickly. Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, to name a few, are great at creating a snowball of momentum for specific posts. They are known to be so effective as to sometimes cripple servers due to the barrage of traffic.


     Community Boards — Every niche has its own dedicated communities, many of which have their own forum for member interaction. Here they discuss the latest news, answer questions, share stuff, and generally help each other out. A lot of bloggers start out as notable members of these communities wherein co-members lend initial encouragement and support.


     Other Blogs and Directories — Promotion can also come from publishing guest posts on other blogs and submitting articles to popular directories. These increase the chances of getting spotted by other people who may click the links back to your blog if they like what they read.


     Syndication — Lastly, good content can get syndicated on top blogs and newswires. This can be arranged to include a link back to your site. Note that only excellent content can make it through this channel as editors have strict guidelines when picking articles. If you can write flawlessly and produce insightful pieces, then you have a great chance of making it.


Before you can get a loyal following, you must first put everything in order by creating a fantastic site with exceptional content. Then, promote what you have through every platform within your reach to attract a steady audience. Keep on churning out those amazing articles and be prepared for an avalanche of traffic!