A webmaster from Thailand wanted to pick Matt Cutts’ brain, asking him what he would do if he were to launch his own online marketing company. After all, Matt has spent years at Google trying to improve search, during which he has seen every marketing strategy ever devised. So what would he do differently if he were to work on the other side of the fence?

Matt thinks that basic principles of providing a useful service and building trust should always be at the core of any business strategy. He would go “white hat” all the way, of course, and he reckons that he might try taking corporate transparency to whole new level. He wonders what it would be like to post every meeting, recommendation, guideline, and so on.

Although marketing deals a lot with numbers, it is fundamentally a creative endeavor. Matt acknowledges that it would take unique and brilliant ideas for a company to succeed in this industry. Being distinctive enhances the brand’s popularity and reputation in the community. The exact approach will depend on the niche and the needs of the client.

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