Image copyright is a sensitive topic on the Internet where it is all too easy to grab and reuse content. Photographers, illustrators, and graphic artists can protect their works to a certain degree by indicating the license they want for each. For instance, some could be made freely available to the public on the condition of attribution. The more exceptional images could be reserved for exclusive use. It is important to make this information readable not only to the visitors but to the crawlers as well.

In this video, Peter Linsley shows us how to write code that makes image licensing clear to Googlebot. The technique uses RDFa which enhances HTML by adding attribute-level extensions. This allows webmasters to embed information-rich metadata for each element.


He outlined the following steps to indicate an image license:

1) Start by pointing the image source tag to the filename.


2) Type the desired license and link this text to its official description page.


3) Group the image and the link together, using the DIV tag to encapsulate both elements. This lets Googlebot know that they are related and must be treated as a unit.

A detailed example is presented in the video.

Video Link:
Specifying an image’s license using RDFa –