Social Media has definitely changed the way we interact with people. Most people get up each morning and check their Facebook accounts without thinking twice!


If you run any type of business at all, you need to incorporate some form of social media marketing into your business plan. 
The important key to Pinterest is the amount of time people spend on the site. Instead of just logging in to check messages, it is reported that the average Pinterest user stays on the site for 90 minutes! Think about how you could leverage this for your business.

Ninety minutes gives you lots of time to attract the attention of users. With this time span you want to connect with potential customers/clients. The hardest part for any business is connecting with users visually!

Instead of just leaving some form of promotional or motivational message, you need to grab someone’s attention by the use of images and videos. Think about the best way you can do this for your business. It will also depend on the type of business you have. Can you convey messages with images that relate to what you have to offer?

For example, a book publisher or content creator could add book covers to their boards. One way to do this is to have an ‘Up and Coming Board’ or a ‘New Product Released’ board.  Remember that you do not want to overly self-publicize your business.

As with any social site you want to get a following, the same way as a marketer is told to build their list!  If you find people with the same business interest as you and follow them, most of them will follow you back. One thing to note is that you don’t have to follow every board a person has. You can choose to just follow one if you prefer.

Don’t forget who your target market is? Follow these people too! As you watch your Pins getting more and more comments, likes and re-pins, you can include one or two relating to your business. This is where the ‘New Product’ board comes into play. If viewers have enjoyed your Pins, there is no reason why they won’t visit your product related pin.

One savvy marketer uses a story concept board to engage her followers to follow each pin as it unfolds a story. You could use this concept in your business!

But however you choose to do it, using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing will help you create a strong visual brand for your business.