Google Analytics is often used by webmasters to track their site’s page views, visitor locations, average time spent, keywords used, bounce rate, and many other statistics. Being a Google engineer, Matt Cutts is always asked whether these data come into play when Google computes for search rankings. He finally puts the matter to rest in this video.


A participant in a global webmaster conference inquired as to whether Matt and his webspam team use Google Analytics data. He said that they do not and that he can promise that they will never go to the Analytics team to ask for this type of information. When he was asked the same question yet again in another conference, he began to doubt. He said that while he cannot be certain about how other teams operate, no one uses Analytics data for search-related tasks in his sphere of influence.


When he came back from the event, he sent an email to a senior member of the search department, asking the burning question to get a definitive answer from this knowledgeable source. Sure enough, Matt got a short reply that simply said, “No.”