Adding tags and categories to blog posts is popular among bloggers. It helps identify articles and group them according to any desired scheme. However, the process can be time consuming, especially for those who want their tags to be truly exhaustive. Techguy from Las Vegas is beginning to wonder if it is really worth the effort just to get a few SEO benefits.

Matt Cutts has his own reservations about tagging posts. He has seen a lot of people get carried away and overdo it. They spend so much time figuring out which tags would work for SEO — sometimes even more than the actual blog. In his view, tags are not necessary if you are only going to repeat words that have already been mentioned within the post anyway. Googlebot will pick up on a phrase even if it was just used once so multiple repetitions are superfluous.

While Matt does not use tags personally, he does see a benefit to having categories. Aside from the organizational advantages, it allows visitors to follow specific feeds and so tailor the content they receive according to their needs.

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Is it worth spending time on creating tags and categories?