Search engine optimization means paying a lot of attention to detail. It is all about making the little tweaks necessary to bring a site’s ranking forward. No stone will be left unturned, not even something as seemingly trivial as the ordering of links on a page. Matt from Kentucky is asking whether the first link carries more weight than the rest because, if so, then he might have to do some creative CSS and JavaScript coding to ensure proper on-page sequence. His popular namesake from Google shares some insights.

Matt Cutts says that the most important link does not have to be forced into the front or anywhere else for that matter. He would not recommend putting it at the tail end if a page has over a thousand links but securing the pole position is not necessary. Being first does not offer any real advantages over being second or even tenth. Googlebot can crawl a substantial amount of content per page and this enables it to get to most links, if not all. Just ensure that visitors can quickly see these vital links for usability and don’t think too much about bending over backwards to rearrange them for ranking.

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