Google offers plenty of resources to people who want to boost their search rankings. One of them is the Webmaster Tools website that is constantly updated with new information and features. Here in this short clip, Matt Cutts discusses a recent addition that is geared towards geographical targeting.

A lot of site owners prefer using .com instead of their country’s corresponding top-level domain like .sg for Singapore and .ru for Russia. Google recognizes this and so the algorithm has been tweaked to be more mindful of this reality. Now they try to detect a site’s target country based on content and let it rank higher for local searches out there. Webmasters can help this process along by using the Webmaster Tools to specify the site’s country of highest relevance manually.
Matt cautions people not to abuse or misuse this feature. He mentioned a site that they found to be extremely relevant to Singapore and thus it became highly ranked in the small nation.


However, its webmaster suddenly used Tools to set the relevant country to the US. This may have been intended to boost the site’s profile in America but because the content did not jive with the geographic target, its ranking suffered in both countries.

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