When you think about it, almost every big website is a search engine. From social networks to dynamic content websites, many of the world’s largest websites have their own search features that millions of visitors use every day.


Whether you’re optimizing for business-to-consumer traffic or business-to-business leads, building a website that can be found on any of the world’s top search tools is a hugely important task. Read on to learn two search engines you can benefit from.


Did you know that YouTube is the third most popular search engine on the web? A video website by nature, many YouTube now use the website as a search engine for dynamic video content related to their needs, hobbies, and other interests.


If you operate a business-to-consumer website that sells products to customers over the Internet, you owe it to yourself to appear in YouTube’s search results. Film short videos that relate to your products and optimize them like you would for Google.


While YouTube is the leader in business-to-consumer search marketing, it’s social network LinkedIn that dominates the professional world. Whether you’re looking for professional clients or new corporate customers, the huge range of businesses that are featured on LinkedIn are potential clients that are slipping away.


Create a business page and optimize it to rank highly in LinkedIn’s search and you’ll open yourself up to an entirely new, hugely effective marketing funnel. Home to the web’s largest collection of professionals, LinkedIn is simply too large to ignore.


Remember, there’s much more to search than just Google. By building social pages that appear prominently in search results on YouTube and LinkedIn, you can make an excellent impression with consumers that use social search on a daily basis.