This 15-minute video features Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google. She talks in detail about news articles and how they differ in terms of search engine optimization from other types of content. Among the subjects covered are ranking factors, publisher FAQs, and best practices.

Ranking story clusters is determined through aggregate editorial interest. This means that the stories covered most widely get to be featured prominently in search results (such as a political crisis or the death of a global icon). Within the clusters, the articles are ranked according to freshness, originality, local relevancy, and trusted sources. 
The publisher FAQs mentioned in the video pertain to the benefit of sitemaps, the frequency of update checks, the ways to maximize multimedia content, and the relative importance of PageRank for news articles.

Maile stated some best practices like creating unique and permanent URLs. She also suggested keeping entire articles intact on a single page instead of breaking them down into smaller chucks. Another is placing the publish date between the title and the body. Editors must ensure that the title hews closely to the subject. There must be separate sections for objective news and press releases to keep integrity high. Most importantly, publishers should be keen on producing original and informative content.

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