In the video on this page, “How can I optimize for ‘deep web’ crawling?  Matt Cutts will present tips for Google Search Engine Optimization. He discusses how form usage on websites affects ranking and provides advice on general website design.

The Google Search engine powers the Google Search Web tool. The engine is prominent and rates website search results according to PageRank. PageRank is determined by many variables such as forms or drop down menus in critical website layout locations. This PageRank system is implemented by Google spiders that crawl the web and compare website properties against a set of Google rules.

The search algorithm is intended to make search results informative and relevant to the user. For example, if we use Google to search for the term “prestigious automobiles” we should first see luxury sports cars in search results and not minivans. In order to deliver high quality and informative results, the Google Search algorithm is very complex and for your website to rise to the top rank, you need expert advice.

That expert is Matt Cutts. He is a Google engineer and has taken the time to inform you about the methods you can use to configure your website to achieve the best Google ranking. You can see his advice on website form use in the video “How can I optimize for ‘deep web’ crawling?”