Go Viral Package

Make your site go viral by running a contest…

Contests and sweepstakes are a marketers dream…

Running contests and sweepstakes is by far the most effective way to engage your audience, get more (free) exposure and collect tons of targeted email leads.

Why? Because people love to have the chance to win something, and they don’t mind entering their email address and sharing the message with their friends for it. If you’re not running any contests or sweepstakes for your business, you’re missing out on a giant opportunity.



 Here is how we do it






4 Contest Options to choose from


Sweepstakes are perfect if you want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to join! Let them join by liking & commenting, and let our app pick a winner at random automatically. Yes –we make it easy!

Trivia Contests
Let your audience truly engage with your brand or business by asking a specific question. Only those who will give the correct answer will have a chance to win (and of course, 100% automated).

Caption Contests
If you ever ran a caption contest, then you know how viral it can go. Our App will automatically reward the most “liked” comment on your post – so you can run automated caption-contests.

Photo Contests
Want to use your fans’ creativity in order to go viral? Run a photo contest and let your fans’ most viral picture on your page win the contest (or pick the winner manually, if you prefer that).



After the initial set-up the price per contest is only $99.00

Additional click charges are not required  –  however it will give your campaign an instant boost.