Reputation Management


Bad Reviews Are Costing You Money


85% of buying decisions are made by researching the web for recommendations and information.

If someone searches the Internet and finds a poor review YOU lose business.


If somebody did a search online about your business what would they find?

In the old days, if you had one dissatisfied customer who was not happy with your product or service, they may have told on average 7 to 12 friends about it.

However, times have changed.

With the invention of the internet and social media platforms, such as  Facebook and Twitter, that one person can now tell hundreds or even  thousands of people about their experience.

It is so easy for your potential customers to type your company name into Google and see anything from quality reviews and recommendations to reputation-damaging complaints and unresolved issues. What is more, all that information stays there for the entire world to see.

It is a company’s worst nightmare for an unhappy customer to start telling the world about their complaints. Many companies have seen
their profits wiped out, simply because a group of customers have
rallied together and given them a bad name.

According to eMarketer, consumers trust other consumer reviews almost 12 times more than they trust the manufacturer’s celebrity-endorsed sales pitches and technical jargon.

Managing your online reputation is no longer optional. If an issue concerns your customer then it should concern you, because if not, they are going to tell the world.

The simple truth is your brand, your reputation and your business are on the line every time a customer walks away unhappy.


It Does not Need TO Be this Way – We Can Help.

We can help to restore your Online Reputation by setting up a system that helps to prevent a poor review going online, while encouraging people to post positive reviews to where you need them most.

With our revolutionary system and a bit of staff training, we can push your current poor reviews out of sight, help stop further damaging reviews going online and make sure your business receives all the praise it deserves






Minimum term is 6 months
Initial setup is $299 – then $99 per month
Additional charge for extra flyers if needed