What is the point of a Website if nobody knows it exists?



 Website is a very powerful advertising tool and if it is used correctly can create a substantial income for the owner. However many people think that just by having a Website, orders will start to flow in, which is normally not the case.

Over the years we have tried numerous different ways to get extra traffic to the sites we build and have finally found the best solution.


This is the reason we have put together our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service.


We use a combination of creating great content, syndicating that content and utilizing the most powerful search engine submission tools to get you a higher listing in the search engines, special interest sites and Internet directories.


Why do this:

Google loves new fresh content so this is a great way to boost your search rankings.
Over time Google will see that you site is active and growing. they will start to list your site higher in the search listings, which means more people will come to your site.


What we do:

  • One of our content editors creates new content (ie articles etc) specifically for your website and add it to your site.


  • Once the new content has been added to your site we submit it to a variety of different sites to help it get noticed.


  • We then build a number of sub properties that link back to your site.

We recommend at least 4 new lots of content per month, however it can be a lot more than this if you would like.



Link building (or creating backlinks) is a system that builds links to your site from a number of different locations.

The main reason for doing this is that search engines treat this as a ‘recommendation’ for your site.

The search engines want to display the most relevant and recommended sites to enhance their user experience.

As more and more sites’ recommend’ your site, the search engines start to take notice and  take this into consideration when ranking it.

However not all links are created equal, and the search engines take more notice of links from authoritative sites (such as  wikipedia, BBC, CNN etc) or from sites that share the same focus as yours.

The search engines have been made to monitor backlinks and if not done correctly, building a huge amount of back links in a short period of time actually harms your ranking.

This is the reason a more natural, long term and steady approach is needed and if undertaken correctly link building will help your site  move up the search engine listings which brings in more visitors.

To make link building appear natural it needs to be an ongoing and long term form of marketing  and any successful website owner will tell you it is a ‘must have’ to ensure a website is a long term success.


Attention: Free search engine submission tools don’t work anymore


Search engines receive a large amount of spam from these free submission sites – as a result, most search engines now block the IP address of these free online submission services.

It’s pointless to submit your website with a free search engine submission service. In addition, these free services offer a very limited and often outdated choice of search engines.


Our FULL OFFSITE SEO maintenance package builds a steady stream of constant backlinks to your site


Our team specialize in SEO and our connection of servers have been specifically built to build a steady stream of back links to your website.

We offer unique SEO package that is full of diversity, and continuity for one low monthly price.

Our process is straight forward – we build quality content and diversified links.


How our packages can help your site:

  • Get more visitors from search engines


  • Naturally rise in PR over time


  • Mask your SEO campaigns in a sea of drip feed backlinks


  • Protect yourself against penalties and/or remove them


  • Rise in Google for a number of keywords and slowly get to #1 for long tail keywords


  • Slowly build an authority site with a solid base



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of results can I expect from this?

A: Removing penalty, ranking #1 for easy keywords and long tailers, getting higher PR and gaining authority – just few things you can expect from this amazing offer.


Q: What kind of backlinks do you deliver?

A: We drip feed quality links over the whole year.


Q: Do you provide reports with backlinks?

A: We do not do this. This would double the service cost, and would cause delays.

You will be able to see backlinks showing up with Majestic SEO and other backlink tracking services after a few weeks.


Q: My website dropped in rankings – whats going on?

A: Most likely you are under ‘Google Dance’ – give it week or two. This is normal especially for new websites – any backlinking will make it jump around the rankings as Google determines what your site is doing

After a few months you should become immune to such a heavy ‘Google Dance’ thanks to our service.


Q: Can I change url/keywords through the year?

A: To keep it simple – all submissions are final and no changing of keywords/url is allowed under any circumstances.


Q: When I can expect results?

A: The first results can be seen within 4 weeks from placing an order. You will notice that your website is starting to secure its positions, and it is acting more like an authority site.


Q: I have ecommerce site – will this help?

A: Yes – this service is perfect for all kind of websites. An ecommerce website will profit from this service by getting backlinks to its inner pages and thus getting indexed faster and starting to rank for multiple long tail keywords.


Q: How long do I need to do this for?

A: Link building is considered an ongoing effort that should always be repeated to ensure you get the most out of your website. However as we know circumstances can change we work on a minimum commitment term of 6 months. This ensures you give our system enough time to make it worth while.


Q: What is a Press Release Distribution – PR Syndication

A: A press release is a piece of interesting news worthy content that is created about your business. Once created this is distributed to a network of quality news agents for publishing. 



So what are you waiting for?

Get your Website listed on all the important search engines, directories and special interest sites now.

To ensure you get the most out of your website we also throw in a few other ‘special tricks’ as well.



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* All Prices are in USD
* Minimum term is 52 weeks
* Above prices do not include monthly adspend
* Above prices are only avialable to our current customers
* Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc
* All content / sites / Niches must comply with Google TOS