The online marketplace is getting more crowded by the day, but that’s not stopping business owners from launching yet another advertising display campaign. The trouble with the over crowding and constant advertising is that consumers are tuning advertisers out, more quickly and more often. Businesses have to find a way to make their advertising more relevant to consumers. 

The most critical aspect of long term effect advertising is responding to value erosion. What this means is that once your display ads have been up for some time, you need to find a way to re-energize and refresh the ad. Consumers start to ignore an ad when they’ve seen it too many times. Display ads are often effective in the short run, but over time their “value erodes” which is why marketers need to be proactive. 

First off, if you want to respond to value erosion start associating it with proper content. A small banner  ad can go a long way to building awareness with your target audience if they are engrossed by relevant content.

Use the context of the advertising to ensure that the content is actually relevant to the targeted consumer and not just an off shoot of similar wording. Another technique to respond to value erosion is to use one single message on multiple formats. What this means is, a business brand needs one clear message that is supported by many platforms in the most creative way to reach consumers.

Insist on knowing where your ads are placed, what the contextual content is and what other display advertising is in the same area. This will allow you to make better educated decisions on where, when and how to place ads.

Of course, your company will have to pay more for the media costs and placement transparency. There is a high value of knowing and choosing before placing the ad. The price of transparency is absolutely a must for your company. Without this you will not be able to respond to value erosion properly. Not knowing where, when and how your ads are placed puts your company’s brand in a position to lose their way in the marketplace.