This video puts a spotlight on the Google Search Options as part of the “Hidden Gems” series. Matt Cutts returns to guide us on how to use this feature for results enhancement. This brief walkthrough provides a glimpse of its enormous potential.

Begin by doing a random keyword search. For this demo, Matt chose to Google “Barack Obama”. The results page is usually populated by related albeit generic Wikipedia entries, news articles, blog posts, and so on. Suppose that we are interested solely in the latest developments surrounding the president. What we can do is to find the “Show Options” link at the top of the page and click it. This brings up a side panel that lists the numerous refinements that can be made.

Through the search options panel, it becomes possible to view only the freshest news items published within the last 24 hours. People can also set this to the past week or the last year for more comprehensive research. The results may also be filtered to show just the videos or images associated with the keyword. For product searches, potential buyers can select Reviews or Forums to see what other people are saying about the item.

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