This video is part of Google’s “Hidden Gem” series where they feature fun quirks of various homegrown applications. The Google Reader, an RSS feed aggregator, takes center stage in this episode.


Software engineer Matt Cutts talks about the recently added LIKE option which functions similarly to those found in social media applications. People who think that a certain feed item is cool can click on “Like” to publicly show their approval. It’s all rather plain but the developers over at Mountain View have embedded an “Easter Egg” that can spice things up for the users.


The secret lies in the Konami Code, which is popular among gamers. This is a sequence of commands that, if done correctly, can give the player 30 more lives in an old title called Contra. For the Google Reader, pressing the code will put the application in Ninja Mode. The theme will change to reflect this and the feed count will appear to have 30 unread items. Matt is particularly enthused by the changes in the Like button. Clicking on it will make several hearts burst out in celebration before they slowly fade into the background. If the user changes his mind and clicks “Unlike”, then a broken heart will pop out in mourning.

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