This installment of the “Grab Bag” series features a question from London regarding reciprocal links. It is always nice when a site gets featured in the press and webmasters may want to link to these pages to inform their readers. Yet as proud as they are, there is a concern that this sort of announcement will be tantamount to creating reciprocal links, diminishing the significance of the incoming links. Is this fear valid? Should site owners continue to link to all press mentions of their site?

Matt Cutts says that this practice does, by definition, amount to reciprocal linkage (i.e., two sites linking to each other). He is not in favor of creating an exhaustive list of press mentions especially if the result is a very long inventory. Although this might be a source of great pride, it does not add any real value to the site. Readers will have little use for such an extensive list. What’s more, it can even have negative side effects such as a reduction in the potency of inbound links. His suggestion is to pick just a few of the most notable ones for display.

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