Mobile browsing is becoming more prevalent thanks to better smartphones and larger screens. Tommo from London is considering the creation of a mobile version of his site, but is this really necessary? If he does push through with the plan, how should he go about it?


Matt Cutts suggests figuring out a way in which the site works well for both desktop and mobile devices to avoid the complications of having two completely different versions. If this is difficult to achieve, then creating a mobile version would be the next best option. For recommendations on the more technical aspects of implementation, he points to two excellent blog posts on the subject written by the Google Japan team. The links can be found within the video description.


One of the posts provides helpful tips on how to ensure that the mobile site is crawled and indexed correctly, while the other deals with proper link redirection and content switching depending on the user-agent. There is also a link to an extremely useful tool for troubleshooting called “Fetch as Google” which allows webmasters to see their sites from the search giant’s point of view.