For many years, article marketing has been a favorite of business owners who wanted to achieve greater exposure for their brands and draw more visitors to the websites. However, recent updates made by Google have made it more difficult to use this strategy for search engine optimization, leading some to migrate to other tactics. It cannot be denied that the Penguin update is a game changer but it would be wrong to think that it has rendered article marketing obsolete. In fact, those who continue to use articles for SEO and promotion have gotten excellent results by simply raising the quality of their content and modifying their approach towards providing value. In turn, they were able to reap the following benefits:

Widened Range

Through article marketing, brands can be promoted in several sites at the same time, getting the attention of large audiences that could not have been reached otherwise. It remains one of the easiest ways to get introduced to a target demographic. Of course, this only works if the articles have relevance to the readers enough to engage their attention and move them to respond to the call to action, if any. It is an iterative process of writing several pieces, all having the same message yet being truly unique. Aside from submitting posts on blogs, e-magazines, directories, and the like, they can also be promoted through social media to create more buzz.

Enhanced Reputation

High-level article marketing enables individuals and companies to solidify their reputation as a subject matter expert. The quality of the posts must be top-notch with facts that have been thoroughly researched and insights that stand on a stable foundation. Such articles tend to get the attention of other popular sites which may link to them and use them as a starting point for a great discussion. This would be an incredible opportunity to be recognized within the niche and one that should be followed through with more excellent articles to keep the momentum going. Well-known brands make it a habit to publish articles that link back to their main sites.

Reduced Costs

Advertising cost on any platform can be quickly reach stratospheric levels. One of the advantages of article marketing is that it can be used to promote a product, a service, or a brand without breaking the bank. The related expenses primarily come from the creation of the content and the distribution of the finished articles. The former may not cost a thing if the business owner does the writing though it is best to leave this in the hands of a reputable company which can produce content on any given topic at scale.

Improved SEO

Once the articles have been distributed across the Web, they will be crawled by various search engine robots which will then recognize the embedded links back to the main site. The quantity and quality of these backlinks are essential for those who want to shoot to the lead in search results. Dozens or even hundreds of links flowing to a site are sure to increase page rank by a substantial amount. If done correctly, the site will take its place among the top results for the target keyword. No other strategy produces results better than article marketing.

Bigger Impact

Every marketing campaign must have a unifying message. However, repeating a singular pitch over and over again can get tiresome. Search engines also make it a point to exclude duplicate content on their result pages. This means that no matter how good an article is, it will only show up once while the rest of its occurrences online with amount to wasted opportunities. With article marketing, an ad can get rewritten in many different ways to avoid duplicate omission while retaining the essence of the message. No matter how many are submitted to blogs and directories, they will all appear unique to crawlers and thus generate the full impact as intended.

A lot of people make the mistake of using articles as a vehicle for keyword stuffing which produces poor results. When using this strategy, ensure that each piece provides actual value to the reader. This will increase the chances of acceptance to various directories and boost the brand’s image even more.


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