Businesses build a vast array of items. Businesses build ships, swimming pools, and even other businesses, such as restaurants and gift shops. Businesses even build the economy. However, it is the most important sort of building which businesses usually ignore, and that is building customer loyalty. Too often, a business will launch, and the owners become so wrapped up in running it, that they begin to take the customer for granted.

Customers can be fickle, but if a business can win their loyalty, they are the staunchest ally a business can have. People who own a business often fret over their advertising budget. However, a loyal customer is free advertising for a business. The best part is that it is easy to win a customer’s loyalty, and here is how you do it.

Customers want five things: respect, speed, quality, integrity, and friendliness. They do not want friendliness, quality, and slow service, nor any other combination of these things; they require all five. Because a business is a reflection upon the owner of that business, it is important that an employer hire quality employees, and treat them with respect. In turn, they will respect the customer.


The employer should make sure the employees have a working environment they enjoy. This allows the employees to treat the customer in a friendly manner. An employer must be sure to spare no amount of money in the training of his employees, for this will lead to speedy, quality service. An employer must be sure his employees are thoroughly vetted. An honest employee is an example to the public that the business owner is honest, and that the business has that integrity which is so vital to building trust within the community.
The most important aspect, however, in building customer loyalty is the owner of the business. No potential business owner should start up a business if he himself is not a composite of everything he requires in his employees. It is not a cliché when someone says that a business is a reflection upon the owner of the business. It is a simple fact. The business owner who respects people, has integrity, is friendly and committed to quality and detail, will put forth employees of a like manner. This will ensure customer loyalty and repeat business for generations and generations.